Family Service Rochester


Family Service Rochester partners with Olmsted County Child and Family Services in several areas to provide a range of child welfare and children’s mental health case management services.

Domestic Violence Response Team
Offer services to families where domestic violence has occurred while children were within sight or sound. Social workers assist the family in developing safety plans, assess needs and connect families to community resources.

Educational Advocates
Professional staff assist families with children experiencing attendance issues at school. The program seeks to identify barriers and help create solutions to increase school attendance.

Family Group Decision Making Team
A unique family engagement process that pulls on family strengths to develop care and safety plans. Trained staff coordinate and facilitate meetings where families develop plans to address child welfare, child maltreatment and children’s mental health concerns.

HOPE (Hope Opportunity Pride and Empowerment)
Professional staff partner with families of color to build safety and well-being for their children through advocacy, support and education.

PACE (Parents and Children Excel)
The program seeks to divert children from entering the juvenile justice system offering services and support to families of color. Agency staff engage parents and collaborate with area schools to address concerns regarding truancy, peer conflicts and academics.

Children’s Mental Health Resource Center
Social workers partner with families faced with the challenges of raising a child with severe mental health concerns. Families are offered services such as: respite care, case planning, hospital discharge planning, educational advocacy and family support.

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