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A four-week educational series for parents pre or post divorce, and termination of other co-parenting relationships. This series provides education on the dissolution process in the areas of: the psychological impact of divorce on children, mediation, legal aspects, and post-divorce communication.


All couples (with children who are minors) who are contemplating, in the process of, or post divorce; or termination another relationship with children.


Divorce has emotional stressors that effect the entire family. Accurate and early information on the process and options empower families to successfully navigate through the changes of divorce.


Families have the tools needed to build positive family relationships during and after dissolution.


$75 per person


This series is provided 10 times each calendar year and meets on Thursday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 pm. For the next start up dates, please contact Family Service Rochester, 287-2010.

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