Family Service Rochester

Family Access Center
Supervised Parenting Times


The center offers a safe and secure setting for children to maintain relationships with parents and other significant adults. Trained staff provide supervised parenting times, monitored parenting times and supervised exchanges.


Families experiencing safety or conflict concerns in need of a setting where they can safely exchange or spend time with their children.


Children need to maintain relationships with parents and other significant adults. Relationships can be disrupted through divorce, domestic violence, child maltreatment and other conflicts. Supervised parenting times and exchanges offer the opportunity to maintain these vital relationships and prevent children from being placed in the middle of conflicts.


Families will experience safe, conflict free parenting time and exchanges.


Fees are determined according to an ability to pay basis. Victims of violence and referrals from Olmsted County Child and Family Services are not charged a fee.


For more information or to schedule a parenting time call Family Service Rochester, 287-2010 or the Family Access Center at 328- 6589.

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