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Domestic Violence Group


Education and support group for women who have been impacted by domestic violence. Through curriculum and guided discussions women explore a variety of related issues.

Childcare is provided for children under age 5 and a children’s group for children over age 5 is provided in conjunction with this group. Women and children are provided a light meal before groups begin. Groups are offered in English and Spanish. The Women and Children’s groups are a collaborative effort with Family Service Rochester, the Women’s Shelter and Olmsted County Child and Family Services.


Women of all ages who have been impacted by domestic violence may attend.


Domestic violence impacts women physically, emotionally and socially. Women in violent relationships are often isolated; this group allows women with similar experiences to come together in a safe setting.


Women have the education and support necessary to be safe from violence.


There is no cost to attend group. The meal and childcare are also provided at no cost to attendees. Transportation assistance is available.


For group meeting time and location please contact Family Service Rochester at 287-2010.  Pre-registration is not required.

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